Newton Centre, Smart Growth Proposal

Newton Centre Smart Growth Proposal

A dramatic smart growth proposal for the village center of Newton, Massachusetts. The concept originated in the city's task force on the development future for Newton Centre, the largest of the city's 13 villages. Associated architects TBA and Archiart propose a public/private partnership to provide the City of Newton with a new fire station and fire department headquarters in exchange for a new commercial, residential and parking structure. Only a block from the village center and two blocks from mass transit, this embodies the "smart growth" principles of building where the infrastructure already exists to accommodate growth, to better preserve the community's existing historic single family residential neighborhoods. The project will include green design and construction practices and include mitigations for traffic and other impacts as well. For further information, contact Russel Feldman, Anatol Zukerman, or attorney Jason Rosenberg,

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New Plan for Station 3 in newton Centre
Newton TAB, New Plan for Station 3 in Newton Centre

Feldmand and Zukerman: A smart growth future for newton Centre
Newton TAB: A Smart Growth Future for Newton Centre, Part 1and 2

Firefighters' Triangle proposed Plan
Firefighters' Triangle Proposed Plan - Drawings (16 megs)

Firefighterts' Triangle Proposed Plan
Firefighters' Triangle Proposed Plan - PowerPoint (5 megs)