Lexington Public Schools On-Call / As-Needed Architectural House Doctor

Lexington, MA

For the past six years TBA Architects, Inc. has worked cooperatively with the Lexington Public Facilities Department to achieve the Town of Lexington's goals for assessment, renovation, and new construction projects for the Lexington Public School System. Under the provisions of our current On-Call Services contract we have successfully completed over twenty projects ranging from a renovation of the High School principal's office suite to a system-wide analysis of classroom acoustic performance and renovation projects including reconfiguring eight departments for the Lexington High School including administrative offices, community education and SPED programs, as well as special function spaces such as specialized IT laboratories and department-wide central facilities.

In order to identify space needs and program requirements, and potentials for the reorganization of under-utilized spaces, the TBA Architects, Inc. Project Team conducted a Comprehensive Assessment, Space Planning Analysis, Utilization Analysis and Educational Adequacy Evaluation at Lexington High School. The findings of our analyses determined that while some space needs had been adequately addressed in prior renovation projects, significant space needs remained at the Lexington High School Facility as a result of continued enrollment growth, which exceeded enrollment projections. Our analyses determined the need for added classroom space and reorganization of existing space.

TBA takes an unusual and very effective approach to space planning for existing school facilities; we call it Space Mining™ because it finds space where people thought none existed. We combine the MSBA program utilization analysis with a business-based facilities planning approach which we have tailored specifically to schools. We analyze use in three dimensions: by type, time and space. Type refers to departmental organization, time relates to the periods that each space is occupied, and space considers the per capita use of the space in light of MSBA standards for each program use. Space Mining™ leads to the architectural re-interpretation of existing space to meet our clients' changed space and organizational requirements.

Following the mining of six classrooms within the existing LHS building, TBA completed sixteen High Performance classrooms in two permanent modular additions along with reconfiguration of existing space to accommodate growing enrollment and specialized programs, each expansion project was delivered on time for occupancy for the fall term.